With the connection or understanding of the Higher Self, through Yoga we may experience a calmer world within and greater control over our mind and our senses. Patanjali states that – “Yoga is when the self rests in its own being in our own original nature which is pure awareness”.

Yoga acknowledges Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, which is a valid aspect of Yoga but it does not tell the student where to direct that devotion or the methods by which the student should do it.

The spiritual benefits of Yoga are that it builds awareness of the body, the feelings, the Planet and the needs of others. Meditation promotes an interdependence between Mind, Body and Soul and brings about the concept of Oneness and Wholeness. Chanting divine mantras can guide us into a deeper experience of ourselves, finding the inner Light and a deeper peace. 

Yoga is a Science, developed for the benefit of maintaining optimum health through Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (Yogic breath) and combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle, one that is in harmony with the constitution (Dosha). Therefore a yoga practice may be designed to assist in balancing the constitution once a dosha analysis has been completed. 

A Yoga Practice should therefore combine Pranayama, Asana and Chant and Meditation, to obtain the full benefit of Yoga as it was intended.



    • Breath work heals and cleanses
    • Postures energise and revitalise your body
    • Improves your ability to deal with daily life
    • Calms the Nervous System
    • Improves Flexibility and Strength
    • Massages and improves the function of your Internal Organs
    • Connects you with your true essence, nurturing your soul
    • Calmer mind and body
    • Better sleeping habits

Experience the joy of moving your body through nurturing and energising postures to bring about a feeling of calm, relaxation and empowerment whilst enjoying the moment of connecting your body, mind and soul through your breath.

Practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation heals the body, mind and soul. Yoga makes you feel better. It is beneficial for many ailments.

A great deal of research has proven that Yoga helps with many health conditions. It may be practised in conjunction with other therapies with medical consultation. It is also helpful during Chemotherapy and Radium therapy.
Yoga creates a toned, flexible and strong body. It improves respiration, energy and vitality. It relieves pain and improves your wellbeing. It keeps you young and full of vitality.

Pranayama DVD

Pranayama DVD is now available for download for Windows and Mac.

  • Learn 9 Breathing Techniques + Maha Bandha – The Great Lock.

Marina will take you through each breath to help you to build a regular practice designed to improve and balance your Endocrine System, calm the Nervous System, stimulate the Lymphatic System, regulate Blood Pressure and give you a renewed zest for life, a glow to your complexion and vitality that you will not have ever known.

Note: Zoom Yoga Classes are currently run by Gaye at Life in Balance

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